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Content level A1.1

The alphabet, pronunciation and punctuation marks / Basic vocabulary / Asking for the meaning of a word / Asking for clarification and repetition / Expressing knowledge and lack of knowledge / Spelling in Spanish / Greetings and farewells / Personal presentation / Asking for and giving personal information / The verbs SER, TENER and LLAMARSE / The definite and indefinite articles / Interrogatives / Pronouns / Cardinal numbers up to 101 / Months of the year / Occupations / Names of countries and nationalities / Conjugation of present regular verbs / Gender and number / The qualifying adjective / Colors / / Describing people and character / Expressing possession / Describing clothes / Possessive adjectives / Demonstrative adjectives / The family / Clothing

Content level  A1.2

Level Review A.1.0 / Describing objects and places / The home / Asking for and telling the time / Describing usual actions / Making appointments / Verbs with vowel irregularities / The verbs "to do", "to come" and "to go out" / Reflexive verbs / Use of V. Quedar / Daily and leisure activities / Times of day and days of the week / Occupations / Expressing likes and dislikes / Expressing agreement and disagreement / Ordering in a restaurant or café / 
Indirect object pronouns + V. Gustar / Verb SER / ESTAR / Leisure activities and free time / Body parts / Meals and food

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Improve rapidly and live your best experience, speak Spanish

Improve rapidly and live your best experience, speak Spanish

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