Study abroad. Private lessons or small groupes.

Work (NGO's) & study directly with Spanish speakers on a variety of projects.

Live, interactive distance learning. 
You decide the pace of learning. 
You receive the material seen after each meeting.

cours espagnol entreprises

Have you ever enrolled in a language school with a lot of students where the teacher taught the course at a pace that was not your own?

Have you ever enrolled in an online application with attractive exercises, but you still feel like you can't speak or understand Spanish?

The only way to learn another language, if you are not immersed in it, is to expose yourself to different forms and practice, practice, practice.

We can help you: 

With us, you'll take live classes with experienced teachers who adapt to your pace and style. 

In addition, you'll have access to textbooks, Spanish exercises, knowledge tests, and tips from our teachers to discover a variety of fun resources to keep you practicing and improving.

In addition, our student service department is available at all times to answer your questions by email or text.

How do I sign up? Very easy

  1. Choose the plan that suits you best, the schedule and tell us when you want to start.
  2. Send us the form for free registration.
  3. If you are not sure of your level or you are several with different levels we can help you.
  4. We will contact you to set up a start date and meet with your teacher who will introduce himself and prepare a study guide for you.
  5. Pay before the course starts using Interac, credit card or Paypal. 

Students speak ...

It all starts with a class              Take action!   ​ 

Private or small groups lessons.

Live with natif teachers in-person or online​.

Regular or customized.


Group or private courses in the office or at a distance.

Translations. Simultaneous interpretation.

Team of carefully selected native teachers

1 (514) 991-6060 (TEXTO)

Improve rapidly and live your best experience, speak Spanish