Improve rapidly and live your best experience, speak Spanish

Jorge Carlos Cordova


We wish to ensure that you learn quickly and you speak Spanish fluently without wasting your time and your energy.

We want to collaborate with entrepreneurs and professionals desiring to develop trade and humanitarian aid with countries where Spanish is its mother tongue.

We want promote Spanish-speakers culture and values.

  1. We identify your needs and your expectations before planning. 
  2. We offer a personalized and unique work program based on your availability and needs. 
  3. We carefully select qualified and experienced native teachers. 
  4. We choose the most effective study textbooks for you. 
  5. We offer several free resources 24/7: videos, CDs, exercises, etc. 
  6. We support you throughout the course making sure of your progress and success.

Over 25 years of experience teaching Spanish as a foreign language.

We help people learn Spanish quickly and improve their skills. For that we count with a team of qualified native teachers, offering continuous accompaniment and free 24/7 educational resources.

Bertha Diaz de la Vega

M. éducation, TKT certification

Tizona school

What you get

  1. ​Conversation, reading, writing and haveing a good time since the first session.
  2. A custom-made service adapted to your pace.
  3. Assessment of your needs and level (oral / written expression and comprehension, as well as vocabulary) to go directly to the target. 
  4. Save time and money, stay in the comfort of your home or your office, our teachers will meet you there.
  5. Flexible schedules, evening, morning, once or twice a week, talk to us.
  6. Learn with qualified and native teachers. 
  7. Effective method stimulates rapid learning. 
  8. Better use of time (teacher / student ratio).
  9. Access to several tools on a 24/7 basis: videos, texts, dialogues and other online activities for you to study and practice. 
  10. We evaluate your progress continuously to ensure your success. 

What we do

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