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Private lessons

Prices and hours

Start of classes: Week of September 10

Beginner level: Monday-Friday evenings / Wednesday & Saturdays mornings

Intermediate level: Wednesdays Afternoon; Thursday evening and Saturdays

14 hrs/block

Level A1, A2, B1  Beginner and intermediate

In person (1 person): 14 hours bloc,  CAD$44.00/hr *

Distance learning-interactive (1 person) :    CAD$22/hr *

* If you take more hours, the hourly rate decreases. For more information:  info@ecoledespagnol.com.

Group lessons   (avalilable in St Hubert / rive sud)

Self organized courses (Semi private)*
      2 students,  14 hrs bloc,  CAD$24.50/hr/stud; 21 hrs bloc,  CAD$23.00/hr/stud
      3 students,  14 hrs bloc,  CAD$18.00/hr/stud; 21 hrs bloc,  CAD$16.50/hr/stud
      4 students,  14 hrs bloc,  CAD$14.50/hr/stud; 21 hrs bloc,  CAD$13.00/hr/stud 

* If you take more hours, the hourly rate decreases. For more information:  info@ecoledespagnol.com.

Subject to a minimum of 5 participants. Otherwise the course may be rescheduled at any other time or date.

21 hrs/block

Semi Private Courses -SOG- at your home

175$/bloc (12.50$/hr/per)

Duration 7 weeks


252$/bloc (12.00$/hr/per)

- No registration fees

- All materials include

​- Payment by check, deposit in our account, credit card or Paypal.

Next lessons starting
- 10 September
- 05 October