Inspired in The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment, abbreviated in English as CEFR.

Levels of proficienccy

                  A1         1         

• Introduce yourself, ask and answer questions about personal details.
• Communicate in a simple manner during vacations.
• Make a reservation at a hotel. Make purchases and order at restaurant.                  

                 A22• Ask simple information.
• Understand the answers.
• Explain simple facts.
• Describe activities.

                  A23• Make you understood in predictable 
 everyday situations.
• Ask for detailed information.
• Describe events and exchange
personal experiences.
                 B14• Enter into conversation and chat with friends.
• Adapting to each situation.
• Expressing emotions.
                 B15• Mingling in a conversation without preparation.
• Formulate ideas.
• Guide and communicate information.
• Leave detailed instructions.
                 B26• Actively participate in lengthy discussions.
• Describe in detail issues.
• Respond to others comments.
• Telephone without problem.
                 B27• Follow a lively discussion among several.
native speakers and exchange openly and spontaneously.
• Present and defend his ideas.
• Transmit in a reliably way detailed information.
                 C18• Speak wisely.
• Structure complex ideas.
• Emphasize certain points within
meetings, seminars, reports, presentations
                C19• Feeling perfectly well in the language.
• Express yourself creatively with personnel style.
• Emphasize complex views
in the context of meetings, seminars, reports, presentations.

Levels of proficiency

At the end of the level the learner should:

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